The Energetics of Magick

June 20th - July 22nd, 2022

This course has already begun and is now closed to enrollment. 

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Raising and directing energy is how we make magick! Otherwise, we are just doing a lot of wishing and hoping.

In this 5-week class, we will explore the art of magickal energetics and put several specific techniques into practice. You will learn to raise a cone of power and direct it toward the manifestation of your desires.

Each Monday, a delicious feast in the form of a video lesson will become available. You may watch the video, read the information, and receive the suggested practices when it suits your schedule. Each Friday, you will receive another morsel of magickal delight, called Weekend Wisdom, to augment the first lesson and carry you along, except for Friday July 8th and July 22nd, when we meet in real time over Zoom to share our experiences and have time for Q&A. All class material will remain available to you for two weeks after the course is complete.

Join me and experience true magick!

What students are saying about The Energetics of Magick...

A great primer on energy and magick

"This class is all about the building blocks of the relationship between the energetics of the natural world, your personal energy and how you can harness that relationship into magick. I personally liked the practical approach of the course content; this is not a "how to be a witch" course where you repeat spells and incantations. I would argue that it's better because Judith guides you on the basics of magick and you put in the work to find your own brand of magick. I found the weekly lessons  simple and easy to integrate into a busy schedule. And having Judith's humorous and vibrant style just makes this all the more fun." - S.T.

Meet your guide...

Rev. Judith Laxer

I have been teaching classes, workshops and programs on the Divine Feminine, the magickal arts, and psychic development since 1993, in my private practice as well as at conferences and gatherings internationally.

I have always been tuned into life in a magickal way with many psychic experiences as a child. As a teenager, I obtained my own Tarot deck, which initiated me into the mysteries. As I matured, I realized that the way I perceived the world was actually part of an Earth-based spiritual path. As a young adult back in the 1980’s, books were the only resource available to me about this way of life. I read everything I could get my hands on and began to put into practice what I gleaned there. Over time, these practices deepened into my devotional path, and in sharing it with others, I began to build community. My own lived experience is my greatest resource. In my 30’s I could no longer deny my calling and became a Priestess of the Goddess. I wanted to provide for others the mentoring that had been missing for me when I was coming up, and I began teaching Her ways.

Teaching is a special joy for me. The blessing of teaching is to witness and experience the successful result of what has been proffered. I feel honored that my students have taken what they have learned in my classes and enhanced their own spiritual lives, and many have gone on to become teachers, ceremonialists, and leaders themselves.