The Oracle Tarot: Gateway to Intuition!

Saturday Afternoons from 2-4 pm PDT, Oct. 2nd - Oct. 30th

This course has already begun and is now closed to enrollment. 

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Tarot cards are used for spiritual growth, meditation, and divination. In this basic yet magickal class, become familiar with the mysterious, beautiful, and symbolic language of the Tarot. Experience how it enhances your own intuition. 

Over 5 weeks, we will journey through each card in the deck to discover their meanings and learn the comprehensive 10 card Celtic Cross spread. 

Each class is two hours live with me over Zoom!

You will need a Tarot deck wrapped in a silk cloth.

Meet your guide...

Rev. Judith Laxer

I have been teaching classes, workshops and programs on the Divine Feminine, the magickal arts, and psychic development since 1993, in my private practice as well as at conferences and gatherings internationally.

I have always been tuned into life in a magickal way with many psychic experiences as a child. As a teenager, I obtained my own Tarot deck, which initiated me into the mysteries. As I matured, I realized that the way I perceived the world was actually part of an Earth-based spiritual path. As a young adult back in the 1980’s, books were the only resource available to me about this way of life. I read everything I could get my hands on and began to put into practice what I gleaned there. Over time, these practices deepened into my devotional path, and in sharing it with others, I began to build community. My own lived experience is my greatest resource. In my 30’s I could no longer deny my calling and became a Priestess of the Goddess. I wanted to provide for others the mentoring that had been missing for me when I was coming up, and I began teaching Her ways.

Teaching is a special joy for me. The blessing of teaching is to witness and experience the successful result of what has been proffered. I feel honored that my students have taken what they have learned in my classes and enhanced their own spiritual lives, and many have gone on to become teachers, ceremonialists, and leaders themselves.